R2: “I do believe the girl is more aware of so what can takes place for those who have non-safe sex

R2: “I do believe the girl is more aware of so what can takes place for those who have non-safe sex

Girls’ obligation. First, all round norm for all groups appeared to be that preventing maternity ought to be the shared obligations out of both man and their. Yet not, after on conversations, it turned clear that ladies perceive by themselves much more obliged than just guys within the getting responsibility getting avoiding a maternity:

Duty according to the type of rela-tionship. For the majority teams, girls seemed to concur that the duty to own contraceptives in the practice relies on whether you are in a reliable relationship or in case it is a “one-night-stand”: “Oral contraceptives and you may implants are utilized when you find yourself inside an excellent stabile relationship, because the then you definitely don’t have to care about venereal infection and you will stuff” (G: 1). According to numerous communities, should females need duty to have contraceptives, particularly during the occasional gender: “You simply can’t trust someone you may not have any idea so you’re able to just take responsibility to possess perhaps not leading you to pregnant” (G: 2).

Restricted information about abortion and you will contraceptives

The majority of the groups talked about health risks for the link with judge abortion. Numerous had been undecided out-of exactly how higher the risks are indeed, but spoken concerns for the risk of are sterile. One to class indicated an ambiguous image of court abortion together with other feedback on what an enthusiastic abortion function:

R3: “Better, I read that you can get a product – if it’s just a few days … and that, I want to state, didn’t sound so incredibly bad … ”

R1: “Find, nobody has actually an idea most, that which you actually do, what an abortion most means … ” (G: 3)

Likewise, a number of females believed that they’d a very clear picture of just how an enthusiastic abortion is performed: “Once you know how it’s complete how they take off the latest legs and arms and you may draw from brain … it’s sickening, it’s brutal!” (G: 5).

Fear of side-consequences out of hormone contra-ceptives. A common apprehension is one hormones contraceptives cause bad top-consequences and injury to the body, particularly throughout puberty. Determine regarding unsound pointers present off contraceptives is actually described as good considerable and you may confusing state:

R3: “But nonetheless, we assert you eat even more, develop chest, and all of categories of posts…you will get pounds, score swift changes in moods … ”

R4: “I do believe everyone is scared of using the tablet now when there’ve been a whole lot on the media from the blood clots and you will stuff.”

R1: “There are a lot mythology and you will stories floating around that you can’t track what the risks really are.” (G: 2)

Disappointing sexual education in school. News and friends, and in addition young people centers and parents, was mentioned once the taking young adults with training from sex and you will sex. Not one of organizations seen the school as a central origin of data. Quite the opposite, the organizations discover the latest intimate knowledge at school to get discouraging: “The college you may manage one hundred% best!” (G: 5), “Young people don’t get factual statements about contraceptives in school” (G: 5), “You earn plenty guidance every-where more, it is merely about college or university that they are some time negligent” (G: 6). Of several thought this could, at least partly, give an explanation for more and more abortions one of teens.

All of the groups indicated higher expectations to your sexual knowledge the schools should provide. Numerous girls stated that this new universities have the greatest reliability when compared with almost every other sources of details about sexual issues.


Desire category interviews were used to get qualitative investigation into thinking and you will knowledge regarding teenage maternity, abortion, sexual decisions, and you will birth control models. The newest findings illuminate the new participants’ feedback and you can concerns on these things. We think that the involvement rate was absolutely affected by starting the brand new interviews in the university property to your school circumstances. This might has actually enabled youngsters which probably don’t have arrived otherwise to join. The fresh new trustworthiness of one’s information is believed to be made certain by which have more youthful, lady moderators which have a non-authoritarian means starting the new interviews.


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