Dua Lipa Boyfriends: A Short History Of Whom This Lady Has Dated

Dua Lipa Boyfriends: A Short History Of Whom This Lady Has Dated

One could believe Dua Lipa might have went to the Grammys 2021 celebration together date Anwar Hadid but she introduced alongside this lady another person by their area rather. Shockingly Dua lover was not this lady date Anwar Hadid but somebody else. Dua Lipa went to the uzbekistan wife Grammys 2021 celebration along with her sounds management Ben Mawson, co-founder of Tap songs and also the manager of other greatest painters like tunes symbol Lana Del Ray and Ellie Goulding.

Nonetheless, the youngest associated with Hadid clan therefore the Future Nostalgia singer happen heading powerful. Dua Lipa might online dating boyfriend Anwar Hadid for a while now because few might internet dating for just two years beginning from 2019. However, Anwar Hadid isn’t the best boyfriend Dua Lipa has received. Nowadays we are going to simply take a short consider Dua Lipa men through the years

Isaac Carew (2013 2019)

Dua Lipa basic date was actually model and chef Isaac Carew. But Dua Lipa and Isaac Carew got an on-again-off-again sort of commitment with each other. They basic split in 2017, with Dua Lipa discovering adore again with rock band LANY contribute performer Paul Klein. Dua left Paul during the early January and reunited with Isaac again for another seasons before calling it quits and finishing her union in Summer 2019.

One of the many known reasons for this lady separation with sweetheart Isaac Carew was actually considering the girl obtaining busier and busier due to efforts, in accordance with the Sun, exactly who have the data from an unknown resource. The origin study-

“Dua and Isaac need truly struggled to see one another since fixing your relationship, they wished to making products function and situations are great between the two for a while but she’s merely getting busier and busier.