My account might have been temporarily suspended; so what does which means that?

My account might have been temporarily suspended; so what does which means that?

  • a free account might possibly be closed during the 1 profile
  • the consumer page will have a graphic indication that membership is during timed suspension, and just how long
  • the latest account manager will not be able so you’re able to vote, ask, respond to otherwise review

Just what else really does timed suspension system avoid myself creating? Particularly, can i still change personal posts or erase content?

Whenever a merchant account try frozen

This new membership get an exclusive moderator content, explaining the exact information on the brand new suspension system and you may a box to help you contact moderators. 1

The user page can get a graphic note that membership is within timed suspension. It’s going to become a short bottom line outlining the reason for this new suspension system.

  • Note that the public “reason” shown into suspension system lies in the moderator message layout that the suspending moderator decides to explore. Additionally it is well worth detailing that when the fresh new moderator chooses to start of a blank layout, it can inform you due to the fact “to have rule abuses”, thus since reasoning doesn’t invariably mean that the consumer has actually violated a specific, codified signal.

The fresh new membership proprietor will be unable to share any matter, address otherwise remark. They won’t manage to take on a reply, honor a great bounty, or have fun with some of the in the past won privileges. On top of that, they cannot change or erase their current blogs or suggest edits.

If the member gets frozen to their cam parent webpages, they will certainly also be frozen towards the Bunch Exchange chat (chat.stackexchange) for the same cycle.